Thursday, 27 May 2010

If you want to see

further more indepth files/pictures/all textures + UVs etc see my DVD hand-in

My latest painting for an album entitled 'lest we forget' which comes out in july :P

Over & Out

Fixing things

Some models in Whack'd just .. well just weren’t going to work . needless to say the pictures below say enough .

They looked fine at first glance , then you break them down or .. TRY and Uv them and then you see the problems . So i spent some time fixing some models before i could even texture this . Yet i didn’t credit myself enough for doing this earlier on , which now i'm doing .


Thats been one of many problems with this course, too many ‘animators’ not much anything else . I spent a lot of my time doing Uv's rather than textures this time around, obviously the textures lacking a decent quality than my previous work or something that i'm capable of, simply because of the time in which i was given the work and the deadline to complete it within but not only that i was only really looking to improve my UV-ing skills this year rather than anything else, so i spent a lot of time Uv-ing and doing A LOT of them.

Shot blockouts / Pre-Viz

I'm not an animator, i've made that clear on this blog before but i was given this shot to work with & i did so no one can say i didnt give it ago because i did and it still isn’t for me it isn’t my field in the VFX area ;) . Along side the block outs i did a pre-viz shot but i wasn’t happy with it at all so i gave it to someone else who knows what they are doing when it comes to animating .

Some lights just to help me while i was doing textures

Had a play around with some lighting during the course of the texture process as the room obviously didn’t have any & i needed to see what i was doing properly . It worked well for what i needed

Whack'd Uv'd Objects

Splay Uvd objects

An elaboration of the Uv'd objects i did for Splay